Mr. President

Still we cannot even  cross the road in the capital city in peace.

Pedestrians are always at the mercy of the drivers.

We fear to go out with our beloved families.

Stabbing, raping, killing and  child abuse cases

are on the news almost everyday.

The government and the oppositions are too  busy.

They have more important things to do- Fighting

for the future of political parties.


We have changed the constitution

and the president too. What else do we need to change

to find peace?  Our Nationality ?  Why are we still scared?

The president , members of the parliament,

cabinet ministers  and police officers probably don’t know

that there is no security and we are still in this condition.


I am complaining because I know that we have all the

resources to give us security. I am angry because I have to

go through this every day. I am sad because lots of people

are in my situation. I am worrying because I have children.

I thought someone  cared.

I thought someone  knew.

Mr. President, Security please.


One thought on “Mr. President

  1. alif.laam.gaaf says:

    Very true, If we keep too busy as we are doing now, the result could be unimaginable. Writers know nothing without politics, politician know nothing more than self-interest. Everyone is busy with their own agenda, leaving behind the national agenda. No more discipline we see, less of respect we do. In short our society is getting filled with buildings and its empty inside.

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